New forever home for Alsatian dog Bella rescued from a river with a stone tied to her neck

Bella the Alsatian who was rescued from drowning in the River Trent has a new home.

She was pulled to safety by walkers after she was spotted in the icy river.

A large rock had been tied around her neck before she was thrown in.

After more than 15 months of care at a vets and RSPCA centre Bella has now been placed with a couple – Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas, of South Derbyshire.

The retired pair are a perfect match for Bella, aged 11.

Maggie said: “We have had three Shepherd-type dogs over the last 30 years and really love them.

“We lost our rescue dog Tia/Luna two years ago and my daughter’s dog Flame, this year. We did really miss them.

“Then we saw Bella’s story and the fact she needed a home so my daughter, Clare, encouraged us to apply for her.

Charlie added: “We were horrified by what happened to Bella and when we came to see her, we realised what a great personality she has and she really is perfect

Charlene Latham, 32, formerly of Newark, was sentenced to a 12-month community order last month after she pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Bella by trying to drown her.

As well as a 12-month community order she was fined £80, ordered to pay £200 costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

She was also disqualified from keeping dogs for three years.

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