Seventy people stripped of honours by the Queen in the last ten years

Harvey Weinstein

Seventy people have been stripped of their honours over the last ten years.

The disgraced recipients to have awards “cancelled and annulled” include Harvey Weinstein and despotic ruler Robert Mugabe.

Downing Street aide Mark Adams lost his honours after being convicted of raping two women.

The Cabinet Office runs the honours’ forfeiture committee on the behalf of the Queen.

It does not give explicit reasons why they are revoked.

However, most of the honours have been rescinded because of child sexual abuse – 37 per cent of cancellations in the past two decades.

Fraud is second on the list, with 21 per cent of recipients losing their honours because of financial convictions.

During the Queen’s reign 186 people have had their titles “cancelled and annulled”.

But no reason is given for many on the list.

Elizabeth Yardley, professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, told The Times:

“I think [the committee] should be more transparent.

“If there’s sufficient evidence to say that this person is not deserving of this honour then surely it’s in the public interest to know that.”

The Cabinet Office said in a statement:

“The vast majority of forfeiture decisions are published — including those relating to child sex abuse.

“Any exceptions to this reflect broader duty of care considerations.”

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