Shocking: Disturbing Video Footage from Central African Republic

In the social networks of the Central African Republic (CAR) circulates since some days a shocking video showing a pile of mutilated dead bodies. This video features Russian speaking European men in camouflage uniforms who express their hatred against the dead bodies. Furthermore the video suggests that these people were killed by “Russian mercenaries” – according to the initial source of the video it was allegedly found in a “lost phone of a Russian mercenary”.

This video first appeared on Facebook at the end of last week. It went quickly viral on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Also some well known bloggers from CAR shared the video. They all demand an investigation about the incident shown on the video and about its authenticity.
“The video of Russian mercenaries´ crimes in the Central African Republic, circulating in the social networks – IT MUST BE INVESTIGATED!”, writes one upset Twitter user.

“This can´t be left like this. Such information should be investigated as soon as possible. I´m waiting for the official responses of the government and the human rights protectors”, so a Facebook comment.
Pro-government social media accounts commented that the video might be a fake and ask other users to ignore this information. They also suspect that maybe “the French paid” for such “disinformation”.

According to local sources, the CAR government decided to investigate the circumstances of the creation of the shocking video. However, until now no major international agency focused on the protection of human rights has yet started to investigate the story of the video.



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