DIY SOS star Nick Knowles faces sack from BBC after making Shreddies advert

Picture: Shreddies

Presenter Nick Knowles faces the sack from DIY SOS after 21 years on the emotionally charged show.

Knowles has fronted an advert for Shreddies – and he’s trading on his name and image as a “builder”.

He tells viewers “when things get tough, don’t eat soft” and pours Shreddies into his hat.

But the 58-year-old star is in breach of BBC rules on advertising.

A friend told The Sun:

“Nick is in absolute torment about the whole situation because he loves the Beeb.

“But they have very strict guidelines when it comes to their talent and advertising and he has already broken them by filming the ads.

“But Shreddies don’t want to pull the campaign.

“While Nick is technically a free agent, he appears to have used his connection to DIY SOS in the advert which is totally out of order in the eyes of the BBC.

“Nick has basically been handed an ultimatum and the decision may already be out of his hands.”

The BBC and Knowles shared a joint statement.

It said: “We are both keen to resolve this matter and are working together to seek a solution.”

DIY SOS shows a team of builders and volunteers work to transform the homes of people in need.

Knowles previously said:

“People ask why I’m never crying at the end like everyone else.

“In fact, I do, just away from the cameras.

“I don’t think that moment should be about me.”

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