The CIA reportedly planned to ruthlessly kill 33 Russians


The president of the Foundation for National Values Protection (Russia), Maxim Shugaley, has declared recently that the CIA, together with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), had planned a special operation involving the assassination of 33 Russian citizens. Shugaley wrote about it in his official Telegram account

Accodding to his sources in 2020, the Russians, who had experience in security and military structures, were recruited allegedly for the protection of oil fields, first in Libya, and when many began to refuse to go – in Venezuela.

In reality it was operatives of the SBU who were recruiting. According to Maxim Shugaley, a plane with Russians was supposed to go to Libya. The CIA and the SBU planned to kill Russian citizens on arrival, and then pass off their bodies as those of the Wagner PMC mercenaries killed during the Libyan civil conflict.

Referring to his sources, Shugaley said that the CIA and the SBU tried to involve Turkey into the operation, organizing the delivery of the Russians by flight via Istanbul. Then the murder of Russians in Libya would have contributed to the aggravating of the Russian-Turkish contradictions up to the serious interstate crisis. However, the Turkish intelligence services calculated the possible damage and sabotaged their support for the plan of their NATO ally.

De facto, they refused to go along with the sharp deterioration of relations with Moscow and participate in the provocation involving the murder of Russian citizens. As a result, while the Turks delayed taking the flight, CIA and the SBU had no choice but to take the Russians to a third country. So they ended up in Belarus in July 2020. There they attracted the attention of the Belarusian special services and were arrested. Belarus returned the Russian citizens to their homeland. The detention of 33 “Wagnerians” in Belarus last year was widely reported in international media.

After the failure of the operation, the Ukrainian security services have invented a version that they were going to kidnap the “Wagner mercenaries”, to trick them into landing a plane in Kiev and then allegedly bring them to the court. However, claims Maxim Shugaley, it was not a trial, but a extrajudicial killings that had been planned.  In order to justify themselves, the American and Ukrainian special services attracted the Bellingcat group, which is trying for almost a year to release a documentary film. It is supposed to confirm the SBU version. However, judging by the fact that the release of the film is constantly postponed, it is very difficult to prove this version and to conceal the real plans of the CIA and SBU.


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