Tools of lying: France is suspected in false news` spreading in order to destabilize the CAR situation

Recently, the security situation in the Central African Republic has continued to improve. More than 30 towns have already come under government control thanks to joint aid from the FACA and their Russian and Rwandan allies, with announcements of the liberation of other localities being made almost every week. This improvement has made possible to run the elections in the constituencies where they could not take place in December 2020 and in March 2021.

However, not everyone seems satisfied with such turn of events. France seems reluctant to see the Central African Republic get back on its feet and regain peace and stability. This is why it recently launched a disinformation campaign against one of the CAR’s main partners, Russia.

Thus, false rumors are spreading widely on the Internet: in social resources as well as in online media. In particular, a number of Central Africans denounced attempts by French officials to buy them off in order to make them say slander about the Russians. In one case, a young Central African man was asked to testify that the Russian instructors tortured him. Another reported case is about a young woman who refused to speak of a rape by the Russians which did not take place in reality. However, many Central Africans eagerly tell stories of violence by MINUSCA soldiers.

There was also other event which shocked the Central African community last week and raised doubts about France’s good intentions. A man was arrested by the Central African police because of being detected to carry an enormous amount of weapons and medicines. The man turned out to be a French mercenary who had previously worked in Mali. After a long questioning by the police, he confessed his identity and contracting country.

It is therefore not surprising that the dissatisfaction of the CAR people with France’s policies is gradually increasing. Every week rallies which take place in Bangui bring together thousands of people against France and the United Nations. Their participants protest against the institutions which, in people`s opinion, only pursue their own lucrative interests in the Central African Republic. Once such a march was even held simultaneously in 16 cities across the country.

The “Tourist”

In this context, the Central Africans enthusiastically welcomed the new feature film produced by the Russian Federation in partnership with the Central African Republic. The “Tourist”, a joint Russian-Central African film dedicated to the conflict in the Central African Republic, tells about political intrigue, chases and shootings – as well as about the fight against terrorists. It also shows the immense sacrifices made by the Central African National Army to protect civilians and defend their country.

More than 10,000 spectators gathered on March 14 at the Boganda stadium in Bangui for the movie premier. Among others, a Russian sociologist Maxim Shougaley and a head of Russian instructors Aleksandr Ivanov were present at the opening night. They met representatives of the country`s youth and journalists` organizations and discussed issues of disinformation and ways to combat it – what would be already a lot in order to fight for the peace and well-being in the CAR.

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